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Green Protein – All protein comes from greens

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All protein comes from greens. The nutrient density of leafy greens, green vegetables is off the charts with leafy greens and green vegetables primarily as the most nutrient dense or “nutrient rich” foods. Followed by non starchy colored vegetables, beans, legumes, fruits, raw nuts and seeds, startchy vegetables and whole grains. There is protein in every plant food in varying amounts!

What we never learned growing up is where nutrients come from, or that there was protein in greens. It would have been useful to learn about photosynthesis, the synthesis of complex organic substances from carbon dioxide, water, and inorganic salts, with sunlight as the energy source and a catalyst such as chlorophyll. That’s what the Nutrient Rich® logo represents here at GreenProtein.com.

Our mission here is to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that green protein is ultimately where all protein comes from originally and that you want to eat this protein moreso than animal protein because it’s nutrient rich.

You don’t need any protein, you want nutrientrich protein, if you want to build muscle, detoxify your body and burn fat, stay healthy, reverse disease, age slower, look younger and maximize your longevity. Eating protein by itself in isolated form is not health promoting.

How much protein do you need? Stay tuned to GreenProtein.com and get ready to make the switch to Rich, 90% or More Plant Based Nutrient Rich®, so that you get all the green protein you need to build a healthy, high performing body!

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